Competition for the development of a functional and spatial concept for the Conservation and Storage Center of the National Museum

2022 Warszawa

The great value of the plot in question is its location next to the park establishment. The project assumes the creation of an object exposed from the side of the park, communicatively connected with existing and planned pedestrian routes, supporting the creation of active public spaces. The idea of the project emphasizes the importance of the existing historical establishment and exposes the central risalit of the National Museum building. We decided to design two buildings, intersected by a public square on the axis of the risalite. As a result, the public space was shaped and the view of the central part of the National Museum was freed up and further emphasized. The square is also to serve an exhibition function for temporary exhibitions on the ground and in the space, and a special substructure has been designed for this purpose. Within the new urban interior, it is planned to leave as many existing healthy trees as possible, which is conducive to the recreational and leisure function also envisaged in this zone.