Czerniakowski Port

2022 Warszawa

Our proposal for the redevelopment of Czerniakowski Port. 

A great value of the plot in question is the magnificent view it offers. In addition, the site is located on the route of the boulevard along the Vistula River, so the concept of the multifunctional building assumes the creation of an object maximally open to the view spreading from the plot and transitional, which above all does not constitute an obstacle along the boulevard, but complements it with an attraction. 

The project involves the creation of a transitional building in both the ground and second floor zones. The building has been carefully divided into functional blocks in terms of accessibility. The second floor proposes extensive viewing terraces and a public area including a restaurant. The first floor is clearly divided into two separate functional blocks (an administrative area for employees and owl facilities for club members) which are located on opposite sides of a spacious transitional lobby that also serves as an exhibition area.