Villa 3L (Suburban villa in the buffer zone of Kampinoski National Park)

495 m2

Project: 2021

Beautifully located wooded plot in the immediate vicinity of the national park. The house could only be situated on one fragment of the plot, so when designing the building we wanted to combine the investor's expectations with the surrounding nature so that it would complement the natural landscape.

The ground floor from the front is raw, ascetic and made of large-format prefabricated concrete slabs broken up only by an entrance door and panoramic kitchen window to increase privacy.  From the garden side, the first floor opens up with plenty of glazing, so that the residents can enjoy the charms of the forest plot. The central place on the first floor is occupied by a two-storey living room, with a full glass wall. The kitchen is a place to which the investors paid special attention, combining the living room and dining room in the protruding part of the house. The dining room finished with a curtain wall helps to feel one with surrounding nature. From the living room and dining room there is a possibility to exit to a spacious terrace, which will serve as a lounging area in the summer.

The ground floor is a compact block situated perpendicularly to the first floor. It is finished with wood burnt using the shou sugi ban method. The first floor was divided into two zones - the bedrooms of three children with dressing rooms and bathrooms and the master bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom. Thanks to this, the space of the household was clearly divided by the two-storey living room. The master bedroom has been withdrawn so as to create space for an internal mezzanine, on which a home library will be located.